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Frequently Asked Questions

You can present a private, professional environment in which to send or share content, and in which to collaborate with your clients. A portal will save you – your business – time and money by centralizing document and data storage, reducing repetitive tasks, creating a streamlined workflow, and automating notifications after certain tasks have been accomplished. A secure client portal lets you collect and collaborate with confidence.

Any business who needs secure communication with clients and a way to reduce the amount of time it takes to share files and collaborate with clients will benefit from a Secure Client Portal.

Such businesses include architects, construction companies, designers, engineers, healthcare professionals, law firms, manufacturing, nonprofits, oil and gas operations, professional photographers, and real estate professionals.

Improves collaboration between you and the client by reducing the number of files sent to spam or lost in unmanaged Inboxes. Clients are able to complete many routine tasks through self-service, eliminating the need for your staff to engage in their process. Increases flexibility when clients and team members have 24/7 access to files and communications via the web. Being able to quickly access files when remote from the office is a benefit for both you and your clients. Easy access to information that is digitized, organized, and categorized for ease of use. Files are stored in a single location and collaborative messaging is linked in a chain. The Secure Client Portal is much more efficient than searching through emails or folders in filing cabinets. Secure file sharing of sensitive data ensures the maximum protection of your files. Saves time and money as your team spends less time dealing with repetitive processes or searching for files. Secure Client Portals can save time when customers need support. Files are easily at hand.
  • A portal can keep all of your files organized into categories.
  • A portal can keep all of your clients organized into groups.
  • A portal can keep all of your staff who manages the clients (admin assistants, managers, sales team, counselors, etc.) organized as group managers.
  • A portal can automate notifications of tasks and tasks that have been completed to administrators, managers, or clients.
  • A portal can keep a log of who has logged in to your portal.
  • A portal can provide secure file uploads and downloads.
You have total control over who accesses your Secure Client Portal. Your administrator will set the permission for each user. Level Up to the Professional Secure Client Portal and the administrator can set multiple levels of memberships, each level with its own rights and privileges.
The Basic portal is designed with one administrator over all clients. Level Up to the Professional and add the ability to assign clients to specific “client managers.” In the Professional Level, you can have an unlimited amount of client managers. (Here, the nomenclature could be whatever you want it to be. Instead of calling these individuals “client managers,” they could be termed “account executives.” Or perhaps your portal needs are sales-related, and these individuals need to be called “sales representatives.” The same goes for teachers, group leaders, attorneys, doctors, or whatever specialists your organization employs.)

With the Basic Secure Client Portal, an SSL (secure socket layer) protects all your documents in transit – both upload and download. The SSL allows for the authentication, encryption, and decryption of data sent over the Internet.

Need a security upgrade? Secure Client Portals offer clients secure and encrypted input forms with these additional security options:

  • Encrypted Forms – Submissions are encrypted with high-grade RSA 2048 right at user’s computer then transferred and stored in our servers securely.
  • PCI Certification – You can employ a PCI (Payment Credit Industry) DSS (Data Security Standard) Service Provider Level 1 compliant input form, giving you the highest security attainment available for a business that collects payments from, and integrates with, credit cards.
  • CCPA Compliance – Upgrade to compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which protects California residents by requiring businesses to handle their online and offline data in a responsible manner.
  • HIPAA Compliance – Healthcare providers collect patient information through HIPAA-compliant forms.
Yes. You may add additional features at any time after your portal goes live.
Depending on the complexity of your customization and the features you choose, the Secure Client Portal takes a minimum of three weeks. The process requires additional time if your administrator does not have the process documented and the files organized.

The Basic Secure Client Portal is set up according to an outline from your administration. The outline includes the flow of files from the administrator, via the portal, to the client, and from the client back to the portal, and the corresponding notifications that need to be triggered.


  • Administrator adds New Client to the Secure Client Portal
    • New Client receives notification to log in to the Secure Client Portal and complete his registration
  • New Client logs in to the Secure Client Portal and fills out a form to complete his registration. The information is stored in the Secure Client Portal database.
    • New Client receives confirmation of his updated information.
    • Administrator receives notification that New Client has updated his information. The Administrator sends the next notification to the client, instructing him to log in and complete the next set of documents or forms, or to download or upload images. (This step can be automated.)
  • New Client receives the notification with next set of instructions to log in to the Secure Client Portal and complete his task.
    • New Client receives confirmation that his task is complete.
    • Administrator receives notification that New Client has completed this task.

The Basic Secure Client Portal includes the setup and configuration of:

  • One Administrator
  • Up to 12 files
  • Six Automated Notifications
  • One Input Form with up to 12 fields

Of course! A full list of all secure client portal features can be found on our Portal Pricing page.

Yes, when you Level Up to the Professional level, you can organize your clients into groups. For example, Clients in Group A are all clients of Staff Member A, and Clients in Group B are all clients of Staff Member B. Likewise, files categorized as Group A would only be accessible to clients in Group A and to Staff Member A. Files categorized as Group B would only be accessible to clients in Group B and to Staff Member B.

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