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Secure Client

Private. Branded. Professional. Customized with the features you want.

What is a Client Portal?

A client portal is a secure gateway to your organization’s networks and files. The client only sees content that he has been granted permission to see. A portal may be accessed via a Web browser any time of the day or night, giving clients the ability to securely log in and access information, files, and services at their convenience. The client portal integrates secure file sharing, private messaging, and data collection.

How Do Client Portals Work?

Your portal administrator logs into the secure client portal and shares a file or group of files with a client. The client receives an email notification with instructions on how to access the files. The client follows the link to log in to the portal. Inside the portal, the client reads the message, downloads files, or fills out forms as instructed. The administrator receives an email notification when the client completes the process.

Simplify with a Paperless Workflow

Save time and money. Be amazingly productive.

Standardize Processes

Simplify sending and receiving client information. Automate notifications to the right people.

Increase Security

SSL protects all your documents in transit. Add form encryption, HIPAA compliance, or GDPR compliance.

Improved Customer Service

Provide a professional, branded communications center for your clients with a chained record of messages. Bypass email spam filters and email file size limits.

Reduce Work Loads

Spend less time on tasks repetitive tasks that can be automated. Quickly set page, document, and file permissions per client.

Go Paperless

Centralize your data collection. Streamline the process with digital file sharing and storage.

Security &

SSL protects all your documents in transit. Additional security options available:


You can present a private, professional environment in which to send or share content, and in which to collaborate with your clients. A portal will save you – your business – time and money by centralizing document and data storage, reducing repetitive tasks, creating a streamlined workflow, and automating notifications after certain tasks have been accomplished. A secure client portal lets you collect and collaborate with confidence.

Any business who needs secure communication with clients and a way to reduce the amount of time it takes to share files and collaborate with clients will benefit from a Secure Client Portal.

Such businesses include architects, construction companies, designers, engineers, healthcare professionals, law firms, manufacturing, nonprofits, oil and gas operations, professional photographers, and real estate professionals.

Improves collaboration between you and the client by reducing the number of files sent to spam or lost in unmanaged Inboxes. Clients are able to complete many routine tasks through self-service, eliminating the need for your staff to engage in their process. Increases flexibility when clients and team members have 24/7 access to files and communications via the web. Being able to quickly access files when remote from the office is a benefit for both you and your clients. Easy access to information that is digitized, organized, and categorized for ease of use. Files are stored in a single location and collaborative messaging is linked in a chain. The Secure Client Portal is much more efficient than searching through emails or folders in filing cabinets. Secure file sharing of sensitive data ensures the maximum protection of your files. Saves time and money as your team spends less time dealing with repetitive processes or searching for files. Secure Client Portals can save time when customers need support. Files are easily at hand.
  • A portal can keep all of your files organized into categories.
  • A portal can keep all of your clients organized into groups.
  • A portal can keep all of your staff who manages the clients (admin assistants, managers, sales team, counselors, etc.) organized as group managers.
  • A portal can automate notifications of tasks and tasks that have been completed to administrators, managers, or clients.
  • A portal can keep a log of who has logged in to your portal.
  • A portal can provide secure file uploads and downloads.

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